My dear CADS,

How are you all? I hope you have enjoyed a lovely summer despite the rather changeable weather – it’s never been particularly chilly, but so far in August I have only enjoyed 2 evenings on my roof terrace with my much-loved G&Ts, which is a good indicator of how little sunshine we had here in Amsterdam!

However, the weather gods were definitely on our side for our Annual Boat Cruise on Friday 18th August. It was warm but not stifling, and we had a super turnout of members and guests, with the staff on the luxury salon boat looking after us rather well. Despite doing many such boat tours over the years, this one felt rather special, spending time with our expanding CADS Family!

This October, CADS will hold its Annual General Meeting (Friday October 20th). The only office bearer due for re-election is myself, as my 3-year term as Chair of CADS is coming to an end. I have enjoyed being Chair very much and will be happy to put myself forward for re-election. However, I do have plans to slowly start moving back to the UK so I may not be able to fully complete a second 3-year term if I am re-elected. I have been discussing this predicament with my fellow board members, and we think the best thing to do would be to see if there is someone else who would like to be Chair that I could coach to take over from me. The scenario that would play out would be that if I am re-elected, there would be a ‘second Chair in waiting’ to ensure a seamless transition when I make my eventual move to the UK. If anyone is interested in such a ‘traineeship’ to be the new Chair, could you please let me know or perhaps there is someone that you would like to nominate as Chair, (that we can approach).
Please note that Dee van Doorn, our current Membership secretary would like to relinquish her duties. Dee has done a fantastic job for many years so definitely deserves a rest. If anyone would like to take on her responsibilities, please let me know.

In my last newsletter, I mentioned the opportunity for members to ‘market’ themselves, their ideas, their products, or their business; basically, use the newsletter as free promotion for their commercial activities. All the member needs to do is send me what they would like included (a text and an image) and I will post it in a future edition of our newsletter, Greetings from the Chair.

I also heard from only one member wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to make a promotional presentation on their business at our monthly lunches. Please do remember this is an option for you, as we build up the Commercial “C” in CADS!

Our next meeting will be Dinner on Thursday September 14th at the KIGC. We hold a dinner every quarter so that our members who are working full-time have a better chance of attending one of our monthly events. Our speaker will be Monique Vrolijken, an international coach and trainer who specialises in trauma, anxiety, allergies & stress, to name a few, but for our CADS dinner will be speaking about a revolutionary, relatively new technique to reduce or eliminate chronic pain, called OldPain2Go. Monique has trained over 200 Practitioners in the technique. She’ll be presenting to us about chronic pain, pain elimination opportunities and the way forward in this interesting field!

Looking forward to seeing many of you on Thursday September 14th at the KIGC. In the meantime, enjoy your late Summer!