Announcing the Winner of the CADS 2021 Jokathon!

Friday 17th December will be a day remembered for some much-needed celebration. Not only because it was the first in-person Jokathon for two years, but also because just a few days later, we were once again plunged into a period of COVID lockdown. How lucky we were to meet and enjoy the company of friends in the beautiful KIGC in Dam Square, Amsterdam. Although a smaller gathering than usual, there was no reduction in the level of fun, laughter or the number of great jokes shared over a delicious (socially distanced) lunch.
Jennie Monon was the winner of the 2020 Jokathon and, since taking over as Chair of CADS in 2021, was ineligible to win again this year. However, that didn’t deter her from delighting her fellow CADS with her enthusiastic joke-telling.

Long-time CADS member Rene Weijerman made a welcome return to the Jokathon, having missed last years virtual event, and we were treated once again to his famous and much loved ‘Parrot Joke’, amongst others.

jokathon-1Past Jokathon winner Mark (you can always depend on him) Cunningham entertained us with a fine repertoire of jokes, setting his usual high standard. The competition was as fierce and enjoyable as ever and the worthy winner to wrestle the crown this year was our very own John Cameron-Webb who wowed his audience with his fine joke-telling. He has never won the coveted CADS trophy before, well done John, those years of practice paid off!

Thank you to all who came along, shared jokes and joined in the fun – it was a blast!