The BBC reported this morning on Sir Desmond Swayne, the Tory MP who believes that Covid is a hoax, that the NHS is operating normally, and that vaccinations are not necessary.

A fellow MP assured BBC listeners that “Spreading disinformation and promoting conspiracy theories undermines the national effort to defeat this virus, puts lives at risk and is an insult to the families and loved ones of everyone who has tragically lost their lives to this terrible virus and our NHS staff who are working round the clock to save lives.”

Mr Gove, minister for Very Little, assured the BBC that he condemned his colleague, saying ” “…on all of us to work together to control the virus to protect the NHS and save lives.”

Minister for Death Nadine Dorries said the government had given more than £10.2m to charities since March to ensure services were available to those who needed them.

Prime Minister Borrow My Johnson said “I mourn every death in this pandemic and we share the grief of all those who have been bereaved. I and the government take full responsibility for all the actions we have taken to fight this pandemic. We are considering further actions, such as locking up innocent travellers in prison at their own expense, and appointing Sir Desmond as head of our vaccination programme. His views have been very helpful in our decisions to vaccinate the public only once, in direct opposition to medical advice. Clearly the better route is to stop vaccinating altogether – we have cut vaccine supplies to the North West by 30% this morning, and will continue to review this on a daily basis”.