WordPress is one of the most popular site creation and blogging tools, and is often used by businesses. That has made it a target for Internet crime.

Pressing on the link below will take you to a report by Wordfence, an internet security consultancy. They have investigated a set of malware called WP-VCD which webmasters are inadvertently installing on WordPress sites. The malware makes your site part of a major criminal botnet, and allows the criminals to sell paid advertising on your site, and use it to recruit other sites. Over the past few weeks it has become the largest malware operation on the net.

Typically, you install it by using downloaded adders to your site, but there are other propagation methods as well, including via the third party server you use to host your site.

Make sure you are using proper security settings and tools, and never install software from an unsolicited source, no matter how attractive it looks 🙂

1911 Wordfence-WP-VCD-Whitepaper