Several pieces of bad news for Beavis and his election campaign this morning.

First up is Michael Gove, who hits the headlines for suppressing the government’s own report on Russian interference in the Brexit referendum and the last UK election. The report shows the Russians interfered, and that without that the UK would have different leadership, the referendum would have resulted in a Remain outcome and Russian spy Dominic Cummings would not be chief of staff at Downing Street! Michael, Beavis and co, unsurprisingly want to delay publication until the election is over…

Next is the stunning report from the National Audit Office that 5 years after the government announced £2bn GBP of funding for two hundred thousand starter homes, NONE have been built. £174m GBP was spent on acquiring building sites, which were then sold on to Tory mates in the building sector for ‘luxury’ housing. The rest of the funding was recycled into the next ‘big thing’. Further evidence that all this UK (Utterly Kakistocratic) government does is waffle and ask civil servants to write plans. Doing real stuff, except to line members’ own pockets, is entirely alien to its nature.

Finally, Mr Smugg; Beavis’s former school pal, top insider trader and Vatican agent, has stuck his foot in his mouth again and upset everyone by suggesting that if the dead Grenfell occupants had had any common sense, they would have ignored fire brigade advice and legged it down the stairs. Clearly he hasn’t had much experience of queueing in dark, smoke-filled corridors carrying one child and leading another, whilst being yelled at to go back inside and lock the door by firemen trying to lug hoses up the stairs in the opposite direction. Wonder how he manages to “lead” the House of Commons?