Brexit update – rights of UK citizens in The Netherlands. Following on from the helpful statements made by the Dutch government, and the updated guidance from the IND, one or another version of the following letter (depending on whether you already have a residence permit or not) is being sent to all UK citizens registered as living in The Netherlands. The contents could not be more helpful or generous. All our rights are guaranteed automatically until 1st July 2020 as if we remain EU citizens, under all scenarios. Furthermore, we will be offered new residence permits during that period which continue to entitle us to those same rights indefinitely. This permit will cost ~57 Euros. Remaining commercial uncertainties concern the rights of UK ZZP entrepreneurs to raise invoices to other EU countries after 29th March this year, and recognition of professional qualifications. Can you still practice as a doctor, nurse, lawyer, accountant or engineer etc. here after March 29th? Those require further work and clarification across the remaining countries. I want to thank our ambassador to The Netherlands Peter Wilson, his staff, and all their counterparts in the Dutch government and civil service who have worked hard to make this happen, and pray the UK government will take similar action for EU residents in the UK in the coming days in grandfathering all their rights.

In further news, Bureau Brandeis has started a new action in the courts to request referral to the ECJ of the question of continuing Article 20 rights for UK residents in Europe. This action is with new plaintiffs, and CADS is not directly involved this time.

January 2019 IND letter to UK citizens

And in another twist to the Brexit story, the BBC will have to stop broadcasting to The Netherlands in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. Details here