Feb reviewDuring November, the Select Committee on Exiting the EU published its latest report to Parliament. You can read it here:

1812 Report of Select Committee

The main point of interest, as related by their secretary Leo Oliveira, is:

“The Citizens’ Rights part of the Withdrawal Agreement is largely unchanged from the version that was published in March 2018. There remains significant uncertainty for UK citizens living and working in EU countries, as the questions of their right to ongoing free movement and recognition of their professional qualifications remain unresolved. This uncertainty will therefore continue into the transition/ implementation period and the negotiations on the future relationship.”                     Clearer now?

The next step will be a vote in Parliament, which must take place before January 20th and give MPs a ‘meaningful vote’ on the current proposal. To remind you of the current proposal which is insanely damaging, even by the low standards of this government:

  • a 39bn GBP “arrangement fee” paid by the UK which in return offers
  • the opportunity for the UK to be 4% worse off in perpetuity, and
  • a one-time depreciation of 20-25% of all GBP-denominated assets