courtesy of RTE news

Best piece of Brexit news for a while. The Judge Advocate at the ECJ published his legal opinion this morning. The UK can UNILATERALLY withdraw its Article 50 letter at any point up to the 29th March 2019.

Theresa May fought tooth and nail to prevent this ruling being made, and continued to insist that withdrawal of the letter was impossible without consent of all states in the EU. Another of the Brexit lies is now exposed in court. British MPs have a real alternative next week in their vote in Parliament:

1. Vote to remain in the EU without any say in how it is run. This is the government’s preferred option. Cost is 4% of the UK GDP (£80bn) per year plus £39bn arrangement fee.

2. Vote to leave the EU entirely. This is Boris and Jake’s preferred option. Cost is 9% (£180bn) of the UK GDP per year plus £39bn arrangement fee.

3. Vote to remain in the EU, recover our position as one of its leaders, and ignore the advisory referendum outcome that has split the country. Cost is zero, but likely will bring down the government.

As an MP, which option would you prefer?