The long-awaited Treasury impact paper has been published. Download  it here.

1811 Treasury forecast on Brexit

In brief, it shows that the UK economy is damaged by Brexit. Mrs May’s plan will make the UK’s economy decline by 4% compared to no Brexit.

Boris’ and Jake’s plan for a no-deal Brexit makes the UK decline by much more – 9%, but has the advantage of making them even richer and more powerful whilst the average UK citizen sinks into poverty.

Withdrawing the Article 50 letter and calling a new referendum is the least damaging scenario, letting us maintain our current status as the poorest economy in the G7!

This useless and mendacious government has invested all its time and money into a plan to make its citizens poorer, whilst presiding over record levels of immigration, record increases in crime, a 30% reduction in the number of police officers, a record increase in reported crime, a record low crime clear-up rate of 5%, a shortage of over 100,000 nurses and doctors in the NHS, a 10% drop in the number of available hospital beds, record levels of patients untreated or unvisited, record waiting times for emergency services and operations, a complete breakdown in mental health provision, record numbers of pupils kept out of schools, record numbers of teacher and class shortages, record levels of rough sleeping, record child homelessness and overall homelessness, and record high levels of taxation with the government taking 38% of every pound produced – higher than any previous government of any colour.