Lots has been written over the past few days about the election, so do accept my apology for the following summary of the UK election, and what needs to happen next.

– We don’t like the divisive, jingoistic, Little England approach of the last government. Change it, and change the Prime Minister. She is not capable enough. We gave her a caning in the election because of that.

– We need a government of national unity capable of healing the divisions created in the past two years, and of negotiating an improved relationship with our European partners, inside or outside the Common Market, with more control over net migration, and a continued influence on how the EU sets and manages its future strategy.

– We need the government to protect and grow the economy and the Union of the United Kingdom; stop pouring taxpayers money into failing banks, and maintain and invest in creating high value, high productivity jobs.

– We are willing to pay more in taxes in exchange for more successful health, education, housing and social care policies that protect the most vulnerable in society and care for us when we are sick.

– To achieve it we need young hard working politicians of vision and competence, cooperating to achieve the above for the country, independent of boring old politicians chanting historical class or party allegiance slogans. Take this message to heart and invite MPs of all parties to leadership positions in a new Prime Minster’s Cabinet on the basis of high intelligence, hard work, and dedication to the interests of the United Kingdom and its people.

Thank you for reading!