geoffrey-adamsThe next CADS lunch, on Friday 21st at the Apollo Hotel in Amsterdam, will continue the discussion on the subject of Brexit and the process by which the UK will leave the European Union after 45 years of membership. The UK government has published its intent to invoke Article 50 of the European Treaty before the end of March 2017, and that brings lots of questions.

One of the most popular queries to CADS has been: “What does it mean for me and my business?”. This is the first of many opportunities for CADS members in the coming few years, because the best answer to that question is: “I would love to tell you, but I need to spend time analysing your business and supply chain first”.

Then the next step will be to take advantage of the new relationship to offer our services to those wishing to impex between the two countries. CADS members are well placed to advise, participate and exploit the opportunities that arise from this event; and nobody will be better prepared.

As a starter, you can read the legal implications in this document, and you can find Article 50 here. If you want to be involved I suggest you read both before attending the lunch. There, our ambassador will be advising us on the next steps for the UK government, and the consequences for us as business people.

I look forward to seeing you at the lunch. NBCC members are also invited this time, which gives opportunities for networking with friends both old and new.