The European chambers of commerce have published a report on the pros and cons of remaining in Europe, and Stephen Huyton was kind enough to send us a copy. You can read it here.Brexit

The conclusions and recommendations of this report resulted in five very concrete proposals as follows:

  •  Change the way regulation is drafted to minimise the ability of member states to unilaterally interpret regulation, avoiding inconsistency.
  • Establish a body within the EC to provide formal, homogenous interpretation and implementation of regulation.
  • Implement a single market in services before any other trade agreement is signed (e.g.TTIP).
  • Establish a Peer-to-Peer financing portal for SMEs, backed with cash from the Junker funds or, more preferably, establish a fund that invests through existing Peer-to-Peer platforms, and encourages the development of new portals in member countries in which they do not yet exist, complementing bank lending.
  • Allow companies to recruit staff from outside the EU to fill the identified skills shortfall.