This month may prove to be a most memorable lunch J

We will be addressed by the UK ambassador on the subject of the UK negotiation with the EU, and the subsequent referendum on membership to be held in the UK.

Sir Geoffrey is leading the UK negotiation process on behalf of the UK, and the Dutch government will lead on behalf of the EU, as The Netherlands are co-chairs of the EU from 1st January 2016. This is a valuable opportunity to hear his views on the matter, and to ask questions and raise any matters of interest to him.

We will also have a special visitor in the form of Hulphond representative Pieter Blickman, hopefully accompanied by helper dog Sue. Sue is named for our former member Susan Bennion, who passed away two years ago, and we have recently donated another 1,000 Euros to Hulphond to support Sue’s training.

We meet at the Apollo Hotel as usual, at 1200-1215 in the bar. We will go through to lunch promptly at 1230.