Chairman’s Corner July 2015

The 2015 boat trip last month went off very well. The CADS board met at the Apollo beforehand, and decided that CADS would give donations of 1,000 Euros each to Hope and Homes For Children, the Veteraneninstituut Emergency Fund in Doorn, and Hulphond. This last donation will be made as a memorial to Harry van Ulsen, who passed away last month. To replenish the fund, we will be seeking out something interesting to auction at the Jokathon J We also agreed to take action to recruit some new members, and if you have suitable business partners or friends who might like to join CADS – bring them along to a lunch.

After refreshing ourselves at the Apollo bar, we boarded and set off around the Amsterdam canals in some style, with cool weather and hazy sunshine. After a minute’s silence and toast in memory of Harry, and a toast to absent friends, we were treated to a menu of prawn salad with fruit, followed by steak cooked fresh on board, and a chocolate fondue for dessert, accompanied by apparently unlimited amounts of wine, soft drinks and bottled water followed by some strong coffee to rejuvenate us for the remainder of the day! We docked back a the hotel at 1430hrs, where some members decided to remain indefinitely!

This month we are ringing the changes with a dinner on Friday the 17th at the Sky Lounge Amsterdam from 1900 onwards in the bar. This is the restaurant at the top of the Hilton, close to Amsterdam station. So no driving required afterwards! See you there!!!

Meanwhile, you will have perhaps noted that there was no CADS Review last month. This was mainly to give our hardworking editor a rest, as he has acquired carpal tunnel syndrome in his right wrist as a result of imbibing too frequently. John is now working on his previously secret and innovative idea, which I can now share with you all…. he is mastering the art of left-handed drinking J

There was a UK election last month, which meant that we were not allowed to comment on the parties involved. This restriction has now been lifted, so I can confirm that the PR party unexpectedly won an overall majority with their “Austerity Platform”, followed by the Millstone gang, who were ejected totally from Scotland by a very fishy bunch of self-seeking yobbos led by a caviar and champagne swilling sturgeon, who has sent her right hand salmon down to London to consume as much food and drink as the British taxpayer can feed him. Despite these two failures getting into bed together, the result was no mermaid, and two weeks on the combination is starting to stink, much to the enjoyment of HMG. The whole lot of them promptly gave themselves a 10% pay rise, then cut low pay tax credits and housing support by around 30%. Plus ca change….

By the way, continuing the piscean theme, two parrots are sitting on a perch. One says to the other “It smells a bit fishy here”. (If you get this double entendre, you are definitely Anglo).

See you at the Hilton Sky Lounge on the 17th!!! Summer dress code J