For the February CADS meeting, we decamped from the Apollo to Amsterdam Central Station, where we dined in style in the 1e Klas Lounge on platform 2. A great time was had by all, and there are a number of photos posted on the website. We will repeat the experience in May, when member Inder Singh has kindly volunteered to arrange a cultural entertainment for us. More about that later on, but do let me know if you have any particular venues we might try out…

It will not have escaped your notice, that there is a certain referendum vote going on in the UK this year involving Scotland’s continued membership or otherwise. After both the EU and the Bank of England refused to allow an independent Scotland access to their currencies, the first minister of Scotland has now come up with a third proposal for a real Scottish currency. Member Christine Dunsmore was kind enough to provide a sample for us J


Once the Afghanistan troop drawdown is completed at the end of this year, it has been remarked that 2015 will be the first year for the past century when British troops will not be engaged in a war somewhere in the world. On hearing this, several have suggested that it is past time that we returned to the Crimea for  some exercise – or alternatively march to Bannockburn for a rematch! As John Donnelly might say: “Doon’t count yeer chickens, laddie!”

Local elections in The Netherlands were accompanied by a local tax bill increased by almost 10% this year. This made the voting decision easy – ask who didn’t vote for the increase, and vote for them! In Voorschoten the only opposition to an above inflation increase was from the VVD. Clear enough?

Next Friday we are privileged to have Sir Geoffrey Adams as our guest speaker. He will be speaking on the need for reform in the EU, and I expect he will not mince his words J We will be joined by guests from the NBCC, IoD, PAiE, and BritSoc. Please feel free to invite business colleagues along.

Latest news from the UK: Mr Osborne made major changes to pensions in his budget. Tory PR was a disaster, with this advert appearing from them: