King of CADS comedy Sir John the Joker has been royally beaten by two gorgeous lasses and a Scottish Irishman.

Sir John the Joker voted out of the Mike Hayes Jokathon hall of fame by better jokesters than himself 

It would, should, have been a historic two-time win for Sir John the Joker. With automatic entry into the CADS Jokathon Hall of Fame.

But it was not to be.

Putting in one of the best performances ever to the enchanted CADS Jokathon 2013 crowd, Sir John was shocked sideways by his defeat by better jokesters than himself.

“It’s not possible to be funnier than me,” he cried

But apparently it is.

Despite using John Donnelly as a conduit for most of his jokes, Sir John the Joker could not even register on the CADS Jokathon Richter scale of the top three winners.

The quality of the competition this year was just too high for the old Joke Meister.

His brilliant performance, staggering in the perfection of its delivery, riveting in its subject matter, naughty in its nuances, must now be thrown into the jaws of oblivion.

A great and tragic loss to comedy.

“How could this be?” cried nobody from the CADS crowd.

But the judges had a different story to tell. They allowed chivalry and Glaswegian ancestral genes to get in the way of the obvious.

Yes…the Judges selected Alison Smith and Louise Hunter as runners-up. Then mysteriously awarded this year’s Jokathon trophy to a Scottish Irishman:

John Donnelly.

Bemused, confused and stung to the core by his greatest defeat ever, Sir John the Joker retired to the bar to console himself with a glass of excellent conviviality in the shape of Mark Cunningham.

Sir John has sworn never to enter the Jokathon competition ever again. Or until next year. Whichever arrives sooner.

Jokathon advice: if you want to win next year’s trophy, dress as a Scotsman in an Irish kilt.

Och aye the booooooooo!!!!

Written with his pen dipped in red nose ink by Sir John the Joker