Dear Fellow CADS,


Courtesy of our cricket-mad editor John Richardson, last month we had an excellent luncheon with wine at the VRA cricket ground. This was accompanied by a friendly match between a visiting Australian side, and a scratch Dutch team.

This month we will have our customary summer lunch at The Apollo. Do attend, as we will be welcoming our latest new member Leila Poot, who arrived in this world last week. Mum, Dad and Leila are all doing well, although somewhat tired:-)

Carol and I are currently residing at The Excelsior Hotel in Valletta harbour, Malta. Thankfully enjoying some refreshing R&R. We expect to be with you for lunch on the 30th, provided that Malta Airways is still flying. Trust that you are all having a similarly relaxing month, and look forward to seeing you then.
Amongst his other duties (nappy changing, bathing, running Yakima Europe, and looking after Fiona), Allan is endeavoring to fix up a game of golf for the CADS trophy at Hilversum on the 13th of September at 1230. Please let him know if you can make it 🙂