boatHello sailors!

Yes, it’s come around again, and the weather is shaping up nicely! The CADS Boat Trip is this month. Make your ticket reservations now. Seats are filling up, and last reservations need to be with myself or Allan Poot by Monday the 24th. Let us know ASAP whether you are coming and if you will bring a guest.

Last month the lunch was tragically cancelled at short notice, and many CADS instead found themselves unexpectedly attending a service of thanksgiving for the life of Sue Bennion, who had passed away just the Sunday before. I was privileged to be allowed to say some words on behalf of CADS at the service, and I have to say it was a beautiful event, although we were all grieving for the loss of a dear friend. We will be lifting a glass (or several) to her memory on the 28th, and Peter plans to attend. The boat will depart at 1230 sharp so please be at the hotel by 1215 latest.

On the weather front, the recent sunny spell has caused a tremendous boost in the garden, with all plants starting to bloom together. The lack of any frost since early April, combined with the cold weather until the end of May, will bring bumper fruit and veg crops this season. Look forward to lots of jam and preserves making in autumn!

At the same time the weather changed, there were some green shoots signalled in the economy. Darren Shirlaw, former hedge fund manager and now investor and business coach, believes we are starting a hesitant recovery that will gather pace until 2017, when there will be a mini-recession. You can see his reasoning at He believes we are repeating the history of 1990.

The UK unfortunately retains its titles for Europe’s highest teenage pregnancy rate, worst place to be a child, and the most politicians and public servants arrested for corruption. However the Tory economic policies are starting to bear fruit. More jobs are being created than lost (and ‘real’ jobs at that), and the UK has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in Europe. If only Mr Cameron can get his ambitions a little higher and share the menu with his European colleagues, he would be most welcome. Rather than the UK exiting Europe, Europe is ready for a bit of UK economic leadership!  …And the UK is more than ready for a bit of learning from the Dutch education and health care sectors. Best economic news of the year is that the UK is set to overtake France soon as Europe’s 2nd largest carmaker. Yes really!

Not often that I say something positive about UK politicians, but well done David and George.