EYE Connect

Invite to a new film theatre and museum opening in Amsterdam, for those not attending Mike Carn’s reception !!!

Networking at EYE with other internationals.
EYE the film museum is located on the north bank of the river IJ, opposite Amsterdam Central Station. In the first year EYE welcomed over 700.000 visitors to various film programs, from Hollywood to avant-garde, and four exhibitions dedicated to the world of cinematography, from Stanley Kubrick to Oskar Fischinger.

On May 7th 2013 EYE launches its new networking group called EYE Connect with an exciting event. A highlight during this evening will be the introduction of the group by John Cameron-Webb, British Consul. The members of this group support the exhibitions of EYE. This first event is intended for people who want to find out more about what EYE and EYE Connect has to offer. EYE Connect members are offered four network events per year, reduced admission fees and much more.
EYE Connect is an international group that is invited four times a year. During the EYE Connect gatherings members have the opportunity to listen to a guest speaker, attend a private tour of the current exhibition and have the opportunity to network with other international cinema lovers over drinks.
The May 7th event is intended for those who might be interested in becoming a member of the EYE Connect group and want to find out more about what EYE Connect has to offer. John Cameron-Webb, British Consul of the British Consulate General in Amsterdam will be introducing EYE Connect to the attendees. On May 7th, no admission fee is charged.
A membership to EYE Connect amounts to €200 per year for one person and €300 per year for two people and include the following:
– Four times a year a network opportunity along with an exclusive tour through the exhibition and an eye opener: someone from the business world in Amsterdam gives an interesting eye opener.
– The advantages of a Friend of EYE membership (reduced admission fees, digital monthly newsletter, special Friend offers and benefits)
– Free entrance to the exhibitions
This group is sponsored by The Expat Center Amsterdam.
On the 7th of May EYE is putting one package including a book and a couple of free cinema tickets through a lottery to hand out for free.
To register for this event mail to Anne Floor van Tilburg, relations manager; connect@eyefilm.nl or call 020-5891442.
For more information about EYE Connect please check http://www.eyefilm.nl/steun-eye/steun-eye.
We hope to see you at 17.15 on May 7th in EYE.
Best regards,
Anne Floor