Chairman’s Corner January 2013

prizeThe December lunch Jokathon was as funny as ever. Louise Hunter, John Donnelly and Judith Hope were all extremely funny, but in the end John Richardson’s elephant and mouse joke – timed to perfection – just gave him the edge. He was presented with the brand new Hayes trophy by Mike Hayes personally. It is now being used to wedge the door.


The last great CADS news of 2012, received just before the New Year, is that Mike Carn has been honoured with an OBE for his charitable and commercial efforts on behalf of Queen and country whilst chairing CADS. This is the first time such an honour has been awarded to a CADS chairman, and is a fitting end to our 40th Jubilee year. The OBE is similar to the Order of Orange Nassau in The Netherlands, and comes in various forms. The most numerous is the MBE – Member of the Order of the British Empire, colloquially known as ‘My Bloody Efforts’, awarded to individuals doing good work in the community. Next in the pecking order is the OBE – Officer of the Order…, colloquially ‘Other Buggers’ Efforts’ because it honours leaders of organisations. And then there is the CBE, Commander of the Order…, colloquially ‘Company’s Bloody Efforts’ because it is awarded to successful company leaders. From this, you can conclude that not only has Mike done an excellent job, but also that CADS has been recognised. So well done to all members, and long may we prosper with our commercial, cultural and charitable efforts to bring the peoples of the UK and Netherlands closer together.



On Friday the 25th we have the first CADS lunch of the year, to congratulate Mike and to hear Peter Blickman speak about how to train a dog to be really helpful. See you there!!!