Chairman’s Corner September 2012

Last Friday was the annual CADS golf day. CADS members were joined by guests Gerry Caulfield, George Bohlander, and Lt Cdr Chris Grey, from HMS Ocean which was visiting Amsterdam.

The weather stayed mostly dry, with just a few showers, but lots of gusting wind which tested our abilities to the limit!

As we relaxed afterwards in the bar and perused all the cards, it transpired that the winner on the day was Lt Cdr Chris Grey, with a score of 33. So it was to Chris that Inder Singh presented the specially made 2012 CADS Jubilee golf silver salver. It will be used in the officers’ wardroom of HMS Ocean until she goes for refit next year, and after that it will reside in Chris’ dining room in Somerset.

Highest scoring CAD member was yours truly, also with 33 points (but fewer on the last 9). So the modest CADS trophy will reside once more in our woonkamer until next year.

Next Friday, 28th September, we will be addressed by Frank Boom from the Elfin Steamship Charity. CADs has contributed to the restoration of this 222 ton steamer, which was laid down in 1933 on the Isle of Wight. She served as a Royal Naval special service tender until 1951, then as a dock tender in Amsterdam after leaving the Royal Navy, and more recently has appeared in ‘Bennie Stout’, the Dutch Sinterklaas film, following renovation by the charity.

Please note we are back to business dress for this lunch as summer is over.


Another subject of interest at the lunch will be the recent detention of former president Silvio Berlusconi in Moscow. Following one of his infamous bunga bunga parties, the Italian politician allegedly drove naked and drunk in a borrowed taxi through the city before being stopped by a couple of surprised traffic cops. Although he went to court to stop publication of the picture taken by a passerby, on the grounds that it depicted him without his usual hairpiece, CADS is pleased to be able to reprint it here for your edification and public interest… Mr Berlusconi is 76.