Mike, John, and the modest CADS trophy

The CADS Golf Day dawned bright and breezy, with lots of cloud scudding across the sky.

CADS members were joined by guests Gerry Caulfield, George Bohlander, and Lt Cdr Chris Grey, from HMS Ocean which was visiting Amsterdam.

The weather stayed mostly dry, with just a few showers, but lots of gusting wind which tested our abilities to the limit!

As we relaxed afterwards in the bar and perused all the cards, it transpired that the winner on the day was Lt Cdr Chris Grey, with a score of 33. So it was to Chris that Inder Singh presented the specially made 2012 CADS Jubilee golf silver salver. It will be used in the officers’ wardroom of HMS Ocean until she goes for refit next year, and after that it will reside in Chris’ dining room in Somerset.

Highest scoring CAD member was Mike Waters, also with 33 points (but fewer on the last 9). Thus the Honorary CADS Trophy will reside in Voorschoten until next year.