Was the Captain showing off? Disturbing claim that Euro sailed too close to “uncharted” Italian rocks to wave at local mermaid. 

The vessel passed too close to the Italian Island of Corupti, sounding its whistle and waving at a local Italian mermaid – prompting the mayor to send a congratulatory email to the captain for providing such a ‘spectacle to tourists’ and ‘fantastic entertainment’.

The energetic young Euro tried to do a backflip in front of the mermaid, but immediately regretted it and pulled a back muscle, fell over and flopped inelegantly onto one side, unable to move. A fitting end a shallow performance, said one onlooker.

Prosecutors described the captain’s handling of the Euro as ‘inept’ and  was forced to deny additional damaging claims of leaving the Euro to save himself. Something he denied later when spotted in a bar after he had raided the safe before abandoning the passengers.

Read more in the CADS Report 2012