Amsterdam social groups and clubs

International networking and social groups and clubs

GET INVOLVED…with all kinds of groups and clubs. There are as many social and networking clubs in Amsterdam as there are reasons why people don’t attend them. Usually this is to do with business commitments and family life, but it can also be that you simply didn’t know they existed. Part revelation, part guide, this page is dedicated to helping you get more out of your Amsterdam experience.


A not-for-profit organisation established in 1986 to bridge the gap between the international community and English-speaking services available in the Netherlands.
Telephone: +31 (0)20 423 3217
Website: ACCESS

American Women’s Club Amsterdam

Founded in 1927, the club now has approximately 550 members from the greater Amsterdam area. At the monthly meetings, featured speakers present topics of political, economic or cultural relevance.
Telephone: +31 (0)20 644 3531
Website: American Women’s Club Amsterdam

Amsterdam American Business Club(AABC)

AABC is a professional networking organisation whose main purpose is to help improve business-to-business contacts between Dutch and American businesses.
Telephone: +31 (0)20 520 7534
Website: Amsterdam American Business Club

Aussies in Holland

Australians Abroad was founded in 1996 to provide a centralised resource of Australians living overseas. The group is active in over 114 countries, including the Netherlands.
Website: Aussies in Holland

Australian Business in Europe (ABIE)

ABIE Netherlands is the focal point for senior Australian business professionals residing and working in the Netherlands. With events running throughout the year, alongside quarterly dinners, we provide a relaxed and stimulating forum for making connections and sharing experiences, while also strengthening links to the motherland.

British Society of Amsterdam

This group offers a varied programme of social and educational activities and welcomes all English speakers to its extensive range of events.
Telephone: +31 (0)6 5170 8081
Website: British Society of Amsterdam

Canada 2 Leaf

Set up in 2008, Canada 2 Leaf organises get-togethers once a month. Not strictly for Canadians living in the Netherlands, members also include those who have traveled to or lived in Canada for a period of time.
Website: Canada 2 Leaf

Canadian Expatriates Club of Amsterdam (CECA)

CECA organises monthly social events for Canadians to meet other Canadians.
Telephone: +31 (0)65 428 43 35
Website: Canadian Expatriates Club of Amsterdam (CECA)

Canadian Club in the Netherlands (CCN)

The CNN provides social, cultural and educational activities for Canadian’s residing in the Netherlands.
Website: Canadian Club in the Netherlands (CCN)

Commercial Anglo-Dutch Society (CADS)
Meetings: for lunch every last Friday of the month

Cosmo Polite

Cosmo Polite gives expatriates and repatriates the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals via social, cultural and sportive events.
Website: Cosmo Polite

Democrats Abroad Netherlands (DANL)


Democrats Abroad is the overseas branch of the U.S. Democratic Party, representing Americans living in more than 160 countries around the globe. DANL organises voter registration amongst other social activities.
Website: Democrats Abroad Netherlands (DANL)

European Professional Women’s Network in Amsterdam

This pan-European network provides women with the tools, networks and support needed to assume leadership at the local, national and international levels.
Website: European Professional Women’s Network in Amsterdam

The Genootschap Nederland Engeland (GNE for short) 

Dutch society that promotes interaction between people from the Netherlands and English-speaking countries with the objective of sharing cultures and traditions. This is done by organising talks, projects and social events, primarily with an UK perspective.

GNE was founded by Politicians and businessmen on the 24th April 1920 as a reaction to World War I, and it is likely that they thought it expedient to strengthen relations with England from an economic point of view.  The Genootschap amalgamated in 1946 with the ‘English Association in Holland’. This association already existed before World War I. Their main objective was to make English Literature and culture more widely known in Holland.

GNE has both Dutch and English members, and consists of nine branches spread throughout the country. Each branch is run by its own committee which is responsible for the branch`s seasonal programmes.

GNE offers a varied programme of activities concerning British culture, history, literature and art. Talks, mostly in the English language, are regularly organised and are given by first class British and sometimes Dutch speakers. In addition GNE organises small-scale theatre performances, excursions, trips to the UK. GNE also has special annual events such as: ‘Christmas parties, Garden parties, and National Days’.

In 1988 GNE started a public speaking competition for schools. In 1995 GNE also started to organize a young writer’s competition. The two competitions continued to grow in popularity and professionalism. The well-known pharmaceutical company Glaxo, later Glaxo Welcome, was the main sponsor for 15 years. Then the BBC took over as main sponsor and the two competitions are now run in parallel as one annual event: the BBC Young Writers and Public Speaking Awards. The competition is now better known as the ‘BBC-GNE Awards’.

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In Players

Amsterdam’s oldest English-language theatre company welcomes anyone with an interest in theatre. The group distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to a broad repertoire.
Website: In Players

Indian Expats Netherlands

For Indians living in the Netherlands who not only miss their homeland but also look forward to meeting other Indians. This group serves to share experiences and feel more connected.
Website: Indian Expats Netherlands

Indian Expat Society

The Indian Expat Society serves the needs and represents the interests of the Indian expatriate community in the Netherlands. The association is open to Indian expats, professionals, business persons, and students alike.
Website: Indian Expat Society

International Women’s Contact, Amsterdam

The aim of the IWC is to facilitate and foster friendship between women of all nationalities, living in and around Amsterdam. They help members enjoy their new environment and gain a better understanding of Dutch life and culture.
Website: International Women’s Contact, Amsterdam

Irish Club – Netherlands

This club plays a central role in providing cultural and social links with the Irish community in many parts of Europe. Since its conception, the club’s activities include Gaelic sports, Irish step, Celtic dancing, traditional Irish music and Irish language.
Website: Irish Club – Netherlands

Junior Chamber International Amsterdam

The Junior Chamber is an international organisation of young professional between the ages of 25 and 40. The club promotes networking as well as the development of personal and management skills.
Website: Junior Chamber International Amsterdam

Kiwi Expat Association (KEA)

Through regular events KEA offers New Zealanders living and working in the Netherlands with a platform to meet each other. KEA’s also open to Dutch people with commercial, business or cultural interest in New Zealand.
Website: Kiwi Expat Association (KEA)

Legal Aliens

Legal Aliens is a fast growing, fun loving group of expats who meet for social events across the Netherlands. Members are from all walks of life, both expats and Dutch alike.
Website: Legal Aliens

Maison Descartes Institute Francais de Pays-Bas

Amsterdam’s oldest foreign institute, Masion Descartes serves as an ambassador of French-Dutch dialogue. It offers course and workshops on French language and culture.
Telephone: +31 (0)20 531 95 01
Website: Maison Descartes Institute Francais de Pays-Bas


MEETinAMSTERDAM offers a relaxed social environment for twenty- and thirtysomethings. They offer a wide range of activities in the areas and trips further afield.

The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce

Address: Oxford House’ Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 328L, 1012 RW Amsterdam
Tel: 020 421 7040
Fax: 020 421 7003
Website: Your partner in Anglo-Dutch Business

The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) is a bi-lateral commercial membership organisation with offices in London and Amsterdam, aiming to promote Anglo-Dutch trade and investment. The NBCC offers its members and clients a extensive range of commercial services and network opportunities. As an independent membership organisation the NBCC is well placed to provide companies in Britain, The Netherlands and elsewhere with assistance in their aim to expand their overseas business activities.

Republicans Abroad Netherlands

This outreach programme for US Republicans in the Netherlands offers a platform for Dutch-American relations. In addition to voter registration assistance, they organise information drives and encourage intercultural exchange.
Telephone: +31 (0)6 1824 0923
Website: Republicans Abroad Netherlands

Society of English-Native-Speaking Editors (SENSE)


SENSE brings native English-speaking editors, copywriters and translators together. The group serves as a forum where issues of direct concern to members can be discussed. It helps its members meet the demands of a rapidly changing profession.
Website: Society of English-Native-Speaking Editors (SENSE)

Singapore Netherlands Association (SNA)

Serving as a main contact point for all Singaporeans living in the Netherlands as well as those interested in learning more about Singapore and its culture.
Website: Singapore Netherlands Association (SNA)

South African Club

This clubs brings South Africans and people interested in South Africa and its culture together for various social events. Everyone is welcome.
Website: South African Club

Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters is an international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the public speaking an leadership skills of its members. The Amsterdam chapter meets twice a month at the Hilton Hotel.
Website: Toastmasters Club

Women’s Business Initiative International (WBII)

Address: Laan Copes van Cattenburch 86, 2585 GE The Hague
Tel: 070 358 8557
Fax: 070 338 8887

WBII is a community of entrepreneurial women. Through active collaboration members create a professional platform for promotion and a dynamic network for the exchange of knowledge. The initiative is a structured space designed to meet diverse business needs.


This Amsterdam-based literary group publishes literary magazine Versal, hosts the Open Stanza performance night and much more. Online listing of literary events and resources in the Netherlands.
Website: Wordsinhere